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Parking Eleclerc

Sector: Building; Year: 2022

Solar structure middelburg

Sector: Building; Year: 2022

Architectural Facade Corten Steel

Tons: 15 tn; Executions: EX2; Sector: Alimentation; Location: Agramunt; Year: 2019

Industrial Warehouse

Tons: 103 tn; Executions: EX2; Sector: Logistic; Location: Selva del Camp; Year: 2019

Industrial Warehouse

Tons: 2500 tn; Executions: EX2; Sector: Alimentation; Location: Fraga; Year: 2020

Pedestrian Walkway

Tons: 33 tn; Executions: EX2; Sector: Infrastructures; Location: Granollers; Year: 2018

Industrial Warehouse

Tons: 75 tn; Executions: EX2; Sector: Alimentation; Location: Viladecavalls; Year: 2019

Industrial Warehouse

Tons: 38 tn; Executions: EX2; Sector: Industry; Location: Torrefarrera; Year: 2018

Building Diagonal 0

Tons: 700 tn; Executions: EX2; Sector: Residential Building; Location: Barcelona; Year: 2018

Industrial Warehouse

Tons: 1425 tn; Executions: EX2; Sector: Telecommunication; Location: Sallent; Year: 2019

Sports Pavilion in Lleida

Built by: Cemesa; Sector: Sports; Location: Lleida

River Segre Bridge

Built by: Cemesa; Sector: Town planning; Location: Lleida

Fruit and vegetable centre in Zaidín

Tons: 230 tn; Execution: EX2; Sector: Food; Location: Zaidín (Huesca); Year: 2017

Paper factory in Mollerusa

Tons: 140 tn; Execution: EX2; Sector: Industrial; Location: Mollerussa (Lleida); Year: 2017

Factory for aviation pieces in Huesca

Tons: 83 tn; Executions: EX1; Sector: Aviation; Location: Huesca; Year: 2017

Structure for adhesives factory in Argentona

Tons: 90 tn; Execution: EX2; Sector: Industrial; Location: Argentona (Barcelona); Year: 2017

Retrofitting of building on Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona

Tons: 240 tn; Execution: EX2; Sector: Insurance; Location: Barcelona; Year: 2017

Car dealership in Hospitalet de Llobregat

Tons: 350 tn; Execution: EX2; Sector: Automotive; Location: Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona); Year: 2017

Industrial premises for automotive company in Zaragoza

Tons: 600 tn; Execution: EX3; Sector: Automotive; Location: Zaragoza; Year: 2017

Complex in a theme park in Salou

Tons: 300 tn; Execution: EX2; Sector: Leisure; Location: Salou (Tarragona); Year: 2016

Law Faculty in Barcelona

Tons: 150 tn; Execution: EX2; Sector: Education; Location: Barcelona; Year: 2016

Industrial premises for automotive components in Sant Andreu de la Barca

Tons: 270 tn; Execution: EX2; Sector: Automotive; Location: Sant Andreu de la Barca (Barcelona); Year: 2016

Hard Rock Screen in Ibiza

Tons: 130 tn; Execution: EX3; Sector: Hostelry; Location: Ibiza (Illes Balear); Year: 2015

Potash mining complex in Súria

Tons: 535 tn; Execution: EX3; Sector: Mining; Location: Súria (Barcelona)

Corporate building in Manresa

Tons: 200 tn; Execution: EX2; Sector: Jewellery; Location: Manresa (Barcelona); Year: 2007

Roc del Quer gateway

Tons: 40 tn; Execution: EX4; Sector: Tourism; Location: Andorra

Logistics centre in Lliçà d’Amunt

Tons: 160 tn; Execution: EX2; Sector: Fashion; Location: Lliçà d’Amunt (Barcelona)